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Ruthinium DISC

PMMA discs for the CAD-CAM processing of long lasting temporary crowns and bridges, made of cross-linked high molecular weight resin, which guarantees faithful reproduction of details and strength even at thin thicknesses.

- High detail reproduction in milling
- No chipping even at very thin layers
- Abrasion resistance
- Fluorescence
- Fully calcinable, leaves no residue
- Color stability

Main features

  • Medical device intended for dental CAD/CAM: the dental laboratory provides milling to obtain temporary and/or permanent teeth, moulded structures such as crowns, temporary bridges, etc.
  • High stability
  • Chromatic inalterability

List of thicknesses
for each wafer format

This is a simulation of how the CAD/CAM software should display our multilayer discs, in blue the collar part and in white the dentine/enamel part, with a transparent effect to see the correct positioning, obviously with the exact proportions according to thickness.

Ruthinium Disc Multilayer

Characterized by progressive layering that provides temporaries with a natural aesthetic effect.

Ruthinium Disc Multilayer SC

Instead, characterized by layering with a gradient effect between enamel and dentin for better performance.

Discover the convenience in CAD-CAM
For temporary jobs!
Softer. More malleable. Everlasting quality.

We have designed a new formulation of our high-molecular-weight PMMA to offer a more affordable solution for all daily processing and make CAD-CAM the most cost-effective option even for temporaries.

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