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"What we must learn to do, we learn by doing."

Ruthinium Meeting

With this 4-hour appointment, Ruthinium, with the collaboration of its opinion leaders, will explore the topic of mobile prosthetics, addressing the various issues and proposing the most appropriate solutions.

Workshop Ruthinium
The workshop lasts one day. After an initial theoretical phase, in which the opinion leader proposes a working method aimed at achieving satisfactory and predictable results in the fabrication of removable dentures, there follows a practical phase in which the speaker performs a complete assembly and it is possible to see each individual stage of the assembly from close up.

The theoretical-practical course lasts two days. During the morning hours of the first day, the opinion leader explains the entire theoretical part in detail.
In the afternoon of the first day and throughout the second day, the participants, under the guidance of the opinion leader, assemble the teeth according to the speaker's instructions.

All Ruthinium events, meetings, workshops and courses take place nationally and internationally in collaboration with the relevant repositories and/or trade associations.

At the end of each event listed above, a certificate of attendance will be issued.

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