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Resins for impression trays and alginate

Acry Tray

Self-curing acrylic resin for individual impression trays, occlusal registration plates and tooth mounting.

Minimum shrinkage coefficient and no waiting time, mix workable immediately after mixing.

Packaging with measuring cup.
Colours: Pink.

Plaque Photo

Light-curing resin bases, characterized by ease of use, dimensional stability and torsion resistance.

- Individual impression trays
- Functional impression trays in cases of edentulism
- Bases for mounting teeth in removable dentures
- Occlusal plates

Colours: Pink - Neutral - Blue


Alginate for precision impressions
Available in 2 versions Chromatic and Dust Free.

Pack of 450g
Chromatic: Alginate with colour variations
Taste: Mint
Colour variations:
Violet - Mixing
Cyclamen - Processing
Green - Mouthfeeding

Dust Free: Alginate with fast mixing and setting time
Taste: Mint
Colour: Green

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