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Casting Investment Fine

Coating for siliceous binder castings.

Suitable for the free expansion technique.
High precision and reduced oxidation of cobalt chrome alloys.

- Max. heating temperature 1,150 °C.
- Processing time 10-15 min.
- Curing time 20-30 min.

Liquid A+B

Silicon binder liquid in alcohol solution for Casting Investment Fine.

Extra-strong binder that allows the creation of cylinders without retaining rings.

Chrome Casting Fast

Water based phosphate binder coating for cobalt chrome castings.

High precision, durability and ease of use in both fast and conventional techniques.

Packaging: 20 kg in pre-dosed 400 g bags.

Kera Casting Fast

Phosphate veneer for crowns and bridges, pressable ceramic and lithium disilicate. Can be used with both the rapid and conventional technique.

Characterized by fine grain size and absence of graphite, it guarantees the reproduction of the smallest details. Suitable for all types of castings in fixed prosthetics (noble alloys, metal-ceramics, palladium alloys and non-precious alloys).

Packaging: 4,480g in pre-dosed 160g pouches.

Ruthinium Liquid

Liquid for Chrome Casting Fast and Kera Casting Fast.

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