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Extra-hard type III modeling chalk of superior quality, 100% natural origin. It has a creamy and very smooth texture due to an ultra-fine grain size, which allows it to detect every minute detail captured by the impression. Its pronounced thixotropy makes it a very "manageable" chalk, and casting patterns is extremely convenient. Subjected to moderate vibration, it flows easily filling every tiny undercut; suspending the vibration, the mixture "holds" on the spatula allowing easy placement.

Color: yellow

Packaging: 25Kg bag.


Extra-hard, high-performance plaster whose formulation specifically for CAD/CAM is designed to achieve easy and accurate scanning of models with optical and laser scanners. Suitable for all work where extreme precision, detail fidelity and model strength are required. It is very stable on the spatula but fluidizes excellently on the vibrator for easy filling and layering in the impression. The models have smooth and extremely strong surfaces, even near the cervical margins, to minimize the risk of breakage during milling steps. Grip expansion of 0.08% after 2 hours ensures accurate and dimensionally stable abutments and master models for perfect fitting of prosthetic restorations. Curing is of the snap set type: long workability time and fast setting, for casting multiple models and extracting them quickly from the impression.

Color: Brown.

Packaging: 25Kg bag and 5Kg bucket.


Hard plaster type III (ISO 6873) for removable dentures.
Increased hardness and abrasion resistance.
Very high quality models, excellent prosthetic results.

Colour: yellow.

Packaging: 25Kg bag and 5Kg bucket.

Acry Film

Fast-absorbing insulation for plaster.

Creates a thin, strong film between the plaster and the resin.
The solution penetrates deeply into the plaster and completely clogs the microporosities without causing dimensional changes to the model.
Can be diluted with water.

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