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Acry Plus EVO RX

Aesthetic radiopaque teeth.

Acry Plus EVO RX is the line of aesthetic radiopaque teeth, which allows provisional dentures to be made, which can also be used as templates for CT imaging.
Acry Plus EVO RX is available in the same shapes as Acry Plus EVO.
In this way the provisional dentures that are made are mirrored in the final denture.

Acry C&B RX

Radiopaque resin for bridges and crowns can be used for:

- Fabrication of templates;
- Fabrication of temporaries;
- Bead lengthening in radiopaque teeth.

Acry Self RX

Radiopaque palate resin.

It is used in the fabrication of templates, in extended partial and total edentulism.
Ideal for detailed radiological reading of the development and thickness of the oral mucosa.

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