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Brushes for finishing dental alloys and resins. Wooden body, high resistance. Black bristles.
Diameter 80 mm.

Pack of:
- 5 convergent 4-row brushes.
- 5 brushes with 4 parallel rows.

Bristle toothbrush

Black bristle brush for cleaning workstations.
Total length 200 mm and bristle length 47 mm.

Brushes with metal centre

Single-row bristle brushes for polishing dental alloys and resins. Available in black, white and goat hair colours.
Diameter 50 mm.

Pack of:
- 5 pcs


Paste for shining metals.

Acry Lux Pasta

Abrasive paste for polishing dentures.

Acry Lux Cream

Cream for shining prosthesis.

Acry Lux Liquid

Liquid for polishing prostheses.


Lava pumice of Italian extraction of the highest purity and extra-fine grain size.

To be used for smoothing operations of total or partial removable dentures.

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